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Our Founding Story

Some years ago, when my sisters and I set out to build a company that offered beautiful, naturally dyed clothing, we discovered a scalable source for natural dyes didn’t exist. We experienced firsthand the difficulty designers face when integrating bio-based dyes into their fashion lines. 

That’s when I decided to dig in, roll up my sleeves, and do something about it.

I have to admit, it was daunting at first. But I just knew it had to happen. And my experience working in agriculture and sustainable business provided a unique vantage point. I could see what was broken, and I wanted to help fix it.

Suddenly, I was working with farmers, chemists, mills, and brands on creating a totally new way to manufacture bio-based dyes.

A lot of people wondered why on earth I would want do something so ridiculously difficult.

It’s simple: I want to create a healthier, more vibrant world.

To me, farmers are at the heart of it all. And when innovation happens at farms, amazing things take shape. So by developing crops that bring health to the earth and prosperity to farmers, we’re making the world better for everyone.

There’s no silver bullet or overnight solution. But we like it that way.

Every day, we’re innovating and building partnerships with farmers, mills, and brands to achieve our big dream of making pure and vibrant, consistent and scalable bio-based dyes. 

We know the supply chain of the future may look different than it does today. That kind of change can feel scary. But it’s worth doing.

So join us on the journey. Together, we can make this big dream a reality.



Sarah Bellos

Founder and CEO



Many thanks to our grant funders for funding portions of our research and scale up including USDA NIFA (SBIR Award Phase I and II), USDA Rural Development (VAPG), NSF STTR program, TN Economic and Community Development, the TVA and the TN Department of Agriculture. 


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