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The Stony Creek Colors team delivers the most reliable and sustainable plant based colorants to the textile industry worldwide. Our laboratory, research farms, and processing facility are located just north of Nashville, Tennessee.  SCC is a growing company with a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in employment. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive work environment with opportunities for growth and professional development as part of a collaborative team. Come join a team leading the sustainable transformation of the textile chemicals industry and growing one of the most incredible plants on earth!

Current Full Time Openings: 


SCC Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

Agricultural Equipment Operator  

If you are interested in a summer internship or co-op and think you would be a great fit for our team you are welcome to send your resume to jobs[at]  


Current Full Time Openings Job Descriptions:


Stony Creek Colors seeks an experienced, organized researcher who shares our passion for supporting American farmers through the development and promotion of new alternative cash crops. A driven individual is needed to join a cross functional team developing the most viable model for production of plant based indigo crop in the Southeast US.  The mission of the research farm coordinator is to develop successful indigo crop production improvements that will ultimately allow our new crops to take a leading role in Tennessee agriculture, ensuring consistent, high quality crop research and production from the company’s indigo research farm and with our partner contract farmers in Northern Middle Tennessee. 

The research farm coordinator position is hands-on in crop production, managing research farm operations at the company’s two acre research farm, regular record keeping and crop scouting, scheduling and coordinating lab production and harvesting to move agricultural research forward. This role will include some basic laboratory work and use of excel and other data management systems. The coordinator will engage with new and existing contract farmers through progress monitoring, recruitment, training, and on-farm research. The coordinator will work with company leadership on special project development to include field days, research grant writing and execution, research into new methods of crop production, and agricultural management. 


Stony Creek Colors is a nationally recognized innovator and leader in growing, processing and marketing the next generation of sustainable bio-based chemicals in a way that benefits American farmers. A team player committed to professional development and seeking to grow a career with a multifaceted organization are welcome to apply! 


Job Duties. Duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Manage 2 acre research farm, including production of indigo crops from transplant through harvesting at Stony Creek Colors’ research farm. Work with agricultural manager to ensure on-time production throughout season. 
  2. Work with technology team to layout research farm and execute on agricultural research agenda. 
  3. Hand harvesting of small quantities of plants (typically 20-80 plants/day) from research farm and partner farmers on daily basis throughout season to move research goals forward and assist laboratory team in processing fresh plant biomass. 
  4. Ensure successful crop production activities such as planting, weed management and harvesting with contract farmers, growing to 1000 acres under contract within two years. 
  5. Ensure sufficient transplants produced for research and contract farmers, serve as liaison with greenhouses and seed production partners.
  6. Maintain crop production records to ensure replicability and consistency among batches. Record and maintain information such as production, management practices and labor; Utilize computer databases, programs and spreadsheets for efficiency.
  7. Coordinate sustainable agriculture special projects including next generation research related to indigo crop nitrogen fixation, beneficial insect habitat, carbon sequestration, no-till crop production methods, and nematode suppression research. 
  8. Work with technology development manager to analyze individual indigo plants to isolate for plant breeding. Learn indigo specific plant breeding techniques and assist research partners in development of improved varieties.
  9. Remain current with new technology in seed production conditioning, crop planting and production methodologies; Incorporate, as appropriate, in managed farm and offer improvement suggestions to management. 

During the off-season, coordinator will assist in some winter duties at farm and greenhouse, including overseeing seed harvest and cleaning. However the role will have predominately desk work from November - February; following the 2017 growing season this coordinator will be responsible for recruitment and management of to farmers to grow the company’s crop production to over 1000 acres while designing the next year’s research agenda.

For more details on our Agricultural Research Coordinator  position including details on how to apply click job description here.  


SCC Logistics and Supply Chain Manager 

The mission of the Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Manager is to ensure smooth operation of bio-based dye production through planning and scheduling of all day-to-day production activities to improve effectiveness, productivity and performance of agricultural and factory units. This position will: 

This hands-on position will oversee daily supply chain movement, from growth and transport of raw agricultural product through high purity dye moved to the textile industry. This is an excellent opportunity to join the team of a growing company working across the agricultural value chain, transforming raw plant material into specialty chemicals.

For more details on Logistics and Supply Chain Manager position including details on how to apply click job description here.  


Agricultural Equipment Operator - 40- 45 hours/week.

Location - Robertson County, TN - base in Greenbrier and Springfield TN. 

Application open period : Rolling

Start Date: March 1, 2017

Stony Creek Colors is seeking applicants for Equipment Operator and General Farm Hand for our Greenbrier, TN farm and contact harvesting of other Robertson county farms for indigo crop. This position reports to the Agriculture Manager and supports the farm by operating farm equipment such as tractors, trailers, harvesters, loaders, dump wagons, and farm trucks; supporting agronomy programs by checking fields, taking samples and collecting data; and other duties as assigned. 

Experience and Skills:

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