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From Seed To Closet: Our Whole Systems Approach


Why We’re Starting with Indigo

Our natural indigo is a sustainable crop—it improves the health of people and ecosystems.

Our goal for the next four to five years is to produce 15,000 acres of indigo in the USA.

That means we can replace 2.8% of synthetic indigo dye globally. 

While that may not sound like much, it means big change.

We’re making natural indigo low risk and high reward. To make sure our indigo can be grown by beginner and established farmers alike, we’re innovating at the farms. And, market demand will ensure the crop is profitable. That means more American farmers than ever before will have access to a crop that provides sustainable income.

By transitioning acreage to indigo, we’re healing the environment, protecting farmland, bringing economic security to family farmers, and improving health for everyone.



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