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Why We Exist

Business as usual in the fashion industry doesn’t reflect the world we aspire to create—a world where all life thrives.

More and more, we hunger to know where the things we buy come from, and the impact they have along the way. That’s why we support brands that help us create a healthier world.

Unfortunately, there’s a dirty secret in fashion. What's commonly used to color our clothing harms people and planet. 

About 100 years ago, synthetic dyes started replacing the natural dyes that had been in use for centuries. And, up until now, plant based dyes lacked the qualities necessary to spark a large-scale transition away from synthetics.

But we’re changing all that.

We take what’s great about synthetic dyes - consistency, vibrancy, and scalability - and leave out what’s harmful. This allows us to innovate natural dyes that clean up the fashion industry, tout full integrity, and contribute to a thriving future.

And, our bio-based dyes improve profitability and ecosystem health for farmers, while empowering designers, brands, and mills with greater transparency and traceability.

Quite simply, our bio-based dyes are a critical part of creating honest, clean, and healthy clothing.

From seed to closet, we’re transforming the fashion industry and the world for good.

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