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USDA Helps Small Businesses Develop New Agricultural Products, Technology 2017

“For small agricultural businesses, the federal government is a key, initial investor to help them get great ideas into the marketplace,” said NIFA Director, Sonny Ramaswamy. “The feasibility and scalability of these business concepts are evaluated through our peer review process, and businesses get to keep their intellectual property rights as they commercialize their ventures.”


Outside 2017: Our Favorite Environmentally Friendly Jean Companies

Most jeans are terrible for the environment. In fact, you need hundreds of gallons to make a single pair. Producing the synthetic indigo dye, which companies use to turn the material blue, requires a toxic sequence that begins with petroleum extraction and ends with a mix of cyanide and formaldehyde. Here in the United States, we buy hundreds of millions of jeans every year. People the world over buy a billion pairs annually.


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